• Plan to set aside up to 2.5 hours for your first initial appointment. Appointment duration may vary depending on service

  • Please come with eyes clean, free of all makeup and makeup residue. Extensions do not stick to dirty lashes

  • If you have an oil-free cleanser at home, please wash your lashes very well. If you cannot, you will be able to wash your lashes at the salon but come early as washing at the salon will cut into appointment time

  • Clean, oil-free lashes are very important and washing cannot be skipped. Eyelash extensions are an investment for you; I cannot guarantee they will stay on properly if they are not clean

  • You will be laying down with your eyes closed for at least 1.5 hours, it is recommended to not fill up on fluids right before your appointment since getting up during the service can affect how much time is utilized to get lashes on you. There is a restroom available at the salon you can use before we begin the service

  • If you are uncomfortable with wearing contact lenses for up to 2.5 hours with your eyes closed, it is recommended to come in glasses

  • Lashes need 24 hours from end of service to completely dry and cure so keep in mind bathing and workout schedule prior to coming in


  • Keep lash dry for the first 24 hours after your full set or lash fill. No water including rain, steam, sweat, and tears

  • After initial 24 hours it is important to wash lashes everyday, at least once a day with an oil-free cleanser. Gently pat cleanser into the lashes to clean, rinse with warm water, then gently pat with hand towel to dry, avoiding any friction or rubbing

  • Wash lashes after heavy workouts or swimming

  • Always use oil-free makeup remover BEFORE washing with the cleanser. Makeup remover alone does not clean the lashes

  • Use your clean mascara wand provided by your esthetician to fluff your lashes. Avoid using your hands to touch your lashes

  • OIL-FREE EVERYTHING! Oil breaks down the adhesive causing lashes to slide off. Anything touching the lashes should be oil-free and not waterproof. This covers cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup

  • Sleeping on your back is best, sides are OK, stomach is not recommended as it can smash your extensions

  • Natural lashes shed; when they do a new lash is already growing in its place. Lash extensions will fallout with the natural lash that is why I recommend lash fills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lash extensions looking even and full.

  • Do not rub, pick, pull or use eyelash curlers on lash extensions. This can cause damage to your extensions and your natural lashes underneath

  • Come to your fill appointments with clean eyelashes. Extensions do not stick to dirty lashes


What are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are a revolutionary and very popular service for anyone who wants to add length, curl, and thickness to their natural lashes. A single eyelash extension or volume fan is applied to one natural lash to create a beautiful customized look. Great for special occasions and everyday wear!

How long will eyelash extensions last? With proper care and maintenance, eyelash extensions should last the length of your natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. Everyone’s experience will differ based on your day to day routine and your own natural lashes growth cycle but fills are recommend every 2-3 weeks to keep lashes looking even and full.

How often should I come in for fills? I recommend fills every 2-3 weeks. Waiting too long, typically more than 3 weeks, you can find yourself very sparse with little to no lashes left. Natural lashes shed due to our natural growth cycle and there will already be a new lash growing in its place. I will replace any extensions that have fallen off and add them to any new growth.

Can I apply mascara to the extensions? I do not recommend wearing mascara over classic or volume eyelash extensions. Mascara can be difficult to remove and makeup residue can cause a tar-like substance to buildup along the lash line which can increase your risk of eye infections and hurt your retention. It can also cause the lashes to clump together which takes away from the clump-free look of eyelash extensions.

How are extensions applied? The application process can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours for a full set and 60-90 minutes for fills. You will lay down comfortably on a massage table with your eyes closed for the duration of the appointment. Your esthetician will then apply an under eye pad to help protect and keep lower lashes out of the way. Eyelash extensions will then be applied to your natural lashes one by one with an adhesive specifically made for eyelash extensions.

How do I choose the look I want? During your consultation I will evaluate your eye shape, your daily routine, and condition of your natural lashes and together we will choose your desired look. I will help guide you on your choices and give recommendations when needed to ensure your lashes will look beautiful and stay healthy!